Quiet tea, talky tea

Butsuma--a space for the Buddha. Chanoma--a space where people drink tea, eat, chat.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A better view of temple music

I found this video through a friend. It is a video introduction of Housenji, a Jodo Shinshu temple in Osaka that also has a gagaku group. At around 3:30 you can see a group of priests playing the instruments, much more clearly than you can in my video! 

The YouTube channel where this came from has several similar videos. The title of the series means 'A Walk in Osaka' and features Jodo Shinshu temples in Osaka. These are 'real' videos--that is, with editing and everything!


  1. I watched the video. I have just a so-so understanding of the Japanese language, but I found that the words were spoken slow enough for me to understand quite a bit. :D Thanks for sharing!

  2. Yeah, I think these vids were made for a kids' TV show or something, so the dialogue is relatively slow and clear. Glad you enjoyed it!