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Thursday, June 9, 2011

A walk around Tsukiji pt I

I took a walk around the Tsukiji area the other day. It is famous for the fish market, where tourists can go to watch the tuna auctions, smoking, touching the fish, getting in the way of forklifts, etc. The area is also known for a couple of other things. One is St. Luke's Hospital, one of the earliest modern hospitals in Japan.


It was started by a missionary who was from Rome, Georgia (USA, I am guessing here), but the website doesn't specify what kind of missionary, which branch of Christianity. One can only hope he was from the one true religion--you know, the Western Branch of American Reformed Presbo-Lutheranism! Haha! I stole that joke from the Simpsons--thanks, people! But seriously, I have been here more than 30 years, and never once went to the hospital--meaning, I never had a serious health problem, never needed English-language health services, etc. Which is a good thing, but I found a very nice neo-gothic chapel that is certainly worth a visit. It is in the oldest existing building, which looks like it dates from after WWII. Most neo-gothic architecture in Japan is wood, but this is stone, with stone vaults and everything. There is also a nice organ, from the late 1990s, I hope I can catch a concert there sometime. I didn't have my camera that day, so check the website for pix.

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